1. To be eligible to bid on bid.i-naira.com (Public Auction), you must be a fully registered member on i- naira.com. Click here to register.
  2. After your registration, select Bids select Bids on your Menu Bar and you will see available items for auctioning, Terms and Conditions apply.
  3. Each bid item has a start -to- finish time frame on which the bid is on.
  4. The last bidder on a deal wins i.e the individual who entered the last highest bid amount plus one (1) at the closing of the bid is the winner. Please note this may not be applicable to a reserved bid item.
  5. Whereas all bids may start at ₦5,000.00 or less, a reserved bid item cannot be considered won until bidders enter an amount equal to or more than the reserved price on the bid. i.e. if a vendor places a reserve of ₦50,000.00 on a bid, until a bidder enters ₦50,000 or more, a winner will not emerge on the bid. Simply put, if the highest bid on such item falls below the reserved price, the vendor is not obliged to sell the item to the highest bidder.
  6. It is an illegality to bid for an item you have no intentions of paying for, thus, your account will be suspended if you are unable to fulfill your payment requirement after bidding for an item.
  7. The suspension on your account will be lifted after you pay a mandatory 15% of the final bid amount that the specific item closed.
  8. If you are not patient enough to bid for items through auction, select BUY NOW on the menu to buy items at a value bargain rate better than the going market rates for similar items.
    S/N Zone 0.5 - 5 KG (₦) EXTRA KGS (₦)
    1 SOUTH WEST 4050.00 150.00
    2 SOUTH EAST 5050.00 200.00
    3 SOUTH SOUTH 5050.00 200.00
    4 NORTH WEST 5050.00 250.00
    5 NORTH EAST 5250.00 250.00
    6 NORTH CENTRAL 5150.00 250.00
    7 Lagos (Mainland) 2900.00 250.00
  9. Please note that when paying for items won, you will be billed for the items, Sales Tax Rate and cost of delivery to your location. For instance, if the item you won is worth N100,000, you will be invoiced as follows
    i-Naira Integrated Resources Ltd (i-naira.com)
    Bill to Ada Abiola Adamu
    Address 24 Adetokunbo Ademola Street Wuse II Abuja
    Tel: 0809 666 4448
    Invoice No INIL/001
    Invoice Date 1st of August 2016
    Invoice for iPhone 6
    Final Bid Value N100,000
    Sales Tax Rate 5%
    Delivery charge based on location 5150
    Miscellaneous Applicable when your bid is below 50% of the going market rate for item
    Total 110,150
  10. Delivery for items are billed separately even if the items are designated for delivery to same customer within the same location.
  11. We don’t have office pick up options because we don’t warehouse any of the sold items within our offices. The logistics company designated by i-naira.com will pick up your purchased items from vendors and deliver same to the customer in good time.
  12. Kindly note that other miscellaneous charges will be added where applicable to the above break down if your bid is below 50% of the going market rate on items without reserves on them.
  13. You are at liberty to bid for multiple items at the same time.